Value of a Premium Domain Name

In today’s world, meaningful, generic, descriptive domain names are of equal if not more value than the company brand names themselves.

Test it yourself – if ice cream comes to mind, will your first thought be “Dreyers”? Or might you instinctively check out instead?

“Premium domain names are expensive for the simple reason that the ease with which customers can remember and access them means that they help websites gain a critical advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.”

Michael Gargiulo
Forbes Councils Member
Forbes Technology Council

Frank Shilling and Jeffrey Gabriel offer one of the most compelling explanations of why generic, descriptive domain names are so valuable:

Partial Transcript:

“The Internet is growing profoundly. The population on this planet is swelling. All these people are going to want to have an identity online. There is only so much real estate… on the web, and there are only so many unique, meaningful identifiers for people to describe themselves. There are a finite number of search terms and there are a finite number of dictionary words. And there are certainly a finite number of compound phrases in the English language… “

“Valuable, generic domain names are so rare, there just aren’t enough good ones to go around for the billions of people who want to make an impression online… Everybody has those dreams, and the domain name is the most foundational asset of those dreams as it relates to things online.”

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