ORIENTED began in 1998 as an online network for international residents in Taiwan.  It quickly became the #1 English-language destination site there and was featured in the Taipei Times, ICRT, Lonely Planet Guide, Eva Airline’s in-flight magazine, and more.  Later, ORIENTED Happy Hours were introduced for face-to-face networking, a critical aspect of the Asian business culture. And partnerships were formed with media outlets, MBA programs, business associations, tech conferences, chambers of commerce, international career fairs, and community groups of all kinds.

More than 1,000 events have been held across Asia Pacific, North America, Europe and more, consistently attracting highly-educated, bilingual, upwardly-mobile, globetrotting professionals – all of which was accomplished without a marketing budget, a true testament to the power of a really good domain name.

Stay tuned for a plethora of informative content about why a domain name can make or break a company’s reputation, sales, and global authority.  We will also explore why our own domain name has served us so well – how we became oriented to the Orient.