Chinese Companies, Global Domain Names

U.S. companies have long understood the marketing power of using short and memorable .COM domain names to capture global market share and to command trust and respect in their industries.

Only in recent years are Chinese companies realizing that short, relevant domain names directly impact their global authority, reputation, and sales.

“Good domains are rare — very rare — and with such rarity comes value and prestige. Furthermore, very few great domains are even available for sale.” – NameCorp

微信 – When Weixin rebranded to, it doubled its overseas users in under 6 months from 50 million to 100 million.  Later, Weixin acquired for $8 million.

小米 – Xiaomi acquired for $3.6 million to improve their name recognition as they expanded into international markets. is MUCH easier to remember than ‘’.

京东 – Jing Dong paid US$5 million for, upgrading from They enjoyed a savings of $20 million per year in search engine advertising.

奇虎 – Qihoo 360 (China) paid $17 million for the domain name to increase its name recognition for potential customers outside China. – China’s biggest travel booking company paid millions to acquire the website Why? For international expansion.

The Chinese government, by way of China Radio International, acquired for $11.5 million to bolster the country’s global reputation.

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