It is a “.com”.

Most people assume that all business websites end in .com and will check it first because it is the most recognized domain extension in the world.

It is credible.

The .com extension is also the most credible of them all. If your business website isn’t a .com, people question your trustworthiness.

It is one word.

One-word domain names are the most powerful brand assets because they are so much easier to remember and to market.

Watch this video: Value of Better Domain Names

It is descriptive.

Descriptive domain names describe what visitors will find. E.g. If ORIENTED.COM is a site about Asia, or about travel, or both, correct recall is significantly higher.

It is generic.

Generic domains are in great demand for many reasons. There is only one unique instance of every generic name in the world.

It is catchy and evocative.

People are much more likely to remember a word or phrase if they have an immediate emotional connection to it. “Oriented” is catchy.

It is short.

Short domain names are easier to remember, easier to share, and have less chance of typos. They directly affect the success of businesses.

It is easy to remember.

Premium domain names are much, much easier to remember, and that is KING. If people cannot remember the name of your website, a) all of the time, money, and resources that you spend to promote your brand are wasted, and b) your most powerful marketing tool – word-of-mouth – is of no use.

It has marketing power.

Because “oriented” has multiple meanings and can be used in different parts of speech, its marketing utility is powerful – “Get oriented!”, “Are you oriented?”, oriented in Beijing, oriented in London, Shanghai oriented, family-oriented vacation packages, travel-oriented websites, etc.

It has print power.

If your company name is long, print collateral like company brochures, posters, print ads, and even business cards will forever be a problem! Each additional word loses people’s attention and weakens your credibility as an industry leader.

It is used in everyday conversation.

A brand with a word that is used by millions of people every day around the world is priceless – literally – because it is perpetually reinforced at no cost to you.

It has multiple meanings.

There are very few words in the entire English language that have so many different meanings.  It is an extremely rare trait.

It resonates with its target audience.

ORIENTED used to be a community hub, helping people “get oriented to the Orient”. Newcomers loved the clever play on words and instantly understood its value.

It has real commercial potential.

This domain name is timely and relevant in today’s marketplace and can apply to many businesses.

  • By 2017, Asian American buying power will reach $1 trillion.
  • By 2020, China will be the #1 travel destination in the world.
  • Foreign firms want to enter the China market.
  • Chinese companies want to expand overseas.
  • The local economies across Asia Pacific are booming.
  • The perpetual search for information – online and on our smart devices – is driving 21st century commerce worldwide.

It has a high ROI.

All the above advantages enable a company to save millions of dollars that is otherwise needed to command global mindshare and brand awareness.