Ted Talks of Asia

The ORIENTED Dialogue & Exchange Series gave young professionals a unique opportunity to dialogue with and hear directly from industry leaders about market trends and developments in China.

The first Dialogue & Exchange was held in Shanghai, and the speakers included the Country Manager of the Walt Disney Internet Group, Editor-in-Chief & Chairman of FORTUNE China Magazine, and more. The event was attended by 100+ industry professionals, effectively launching the speaker series forward.

Think of oriented.org as the non-profit arm to oriented.com.

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ORIENTED Dialogue & Exchange
Past Events & Speakers

“China’s Media Markets — The Last Great Frontier” (view)

Moderator: Clancy Houston, Shanghai Market Leader, Burson-Marsteller
Carter Agar – Country Manager, The Walt Disney Internet Group
Thomas Gorman – Editor-in-Chief & Chairman, FORTUNE China Magazine
Luo Yan – Producer & CEO, Silver Dream Productions
Richard Robinson – Vice President, Linktone

“Career Development in China” (view)

Moderator: Clancy Houston, Managing Director, Burson-Marsteller China
Eugene Dorris – General Manager, Professional Way
Jeff Hasenfratz – Managing Director, Mindsight Talent Management Services
AJ Hu – Managing Director, HuiJie Consulting/The JLJ Group

“Investing in China: Will the Boom Continue?” (view)

Richard Wang – Managing Director, ChinaVest
Stephen Green – Senior Economist, Standard Chartered Bank
Michael T. Hart – Head of Research – Greater China (North), Jones Lang LaSalle
Kenneth Rhee – Head of Investment Operations, Shanghai Dragon Investment

“Overcoming Entrepreneur Challenges” (view)

Thomas G. Tsao – Partner, Gobi Investment Consulting (Shanghai)
Philip Xiao – Co-Founder, Profex
Stephen Leong – Chief Financial Officer, CapAdTV
Danyeu Cheng – Founder, Ruzzi
Rossana Hu – Founder, NERI & HU, architects of Three on the Bund

“Consumer Marketing: The Success of New Mediums & Events” (view)

David Turchetti – Director of Digital Marketing, 21 Communications
Ranjit Singh – Global Head of Marketing Solutions, Mobile 2 Win
Marcus John – Senior VP, Managing Director China, IMG Asia-Pacific

“Corporate Social Responsibility and China” (view)

Murray King – Chief Representative, APCO
Carine Seror – WWF China
Mark Steele – President, ITT Industries (China); President, American Chamber of Commerce Shanghai CSR Committee
Carolyn Wu – Global Issues Manager, Nike

“Discovering China – Future of China Travel & Tourism” (view)

Jeanette Chen – General Manager, Changfeng Oceanworld
Glen Hingley – CEO, Classic Travel
Ralph Grippo – VP & Area General Manager, Ritz-Carlton Shanghai

“Paying Your Taxes in China” (view)

Freeman Bu – PricewaterhouseCoopers
William Leong – Willsonn Partners
Daniel Zhou – Shanghai Jiahua CPAs

“Cards and Loyalty Programs in China”

Moderator: Jane Bai – Marketing Director, Pepsi Asia-Pacific
Daniel Borin – Founder & Director, Enjoy China
Julien Rochard – Business Development, Accor Services Shanghai
Henry Winter – Chief Executive Officer, SmartClub

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它本身就具有行销的能力。因为“oriented”有这么多种意思并且能被用于言语的不同部分, 所以独具强有力的行销功能。 例如 “进入状况!” (Get oriented!),“你进入状况了吗?” (Are you oriented?),“适应北京了” (Oriented in Beijing),“适应上海了” (Shanghai oriented),“面向家庭” (family oriented),等等。

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它拥有高投资回报率。在争取全球主导和品牌认知上,以下所有的优势都将为公司省下大笔的广告和行销费用 = 更高利润率。你有优势的竞争。

它拥有真正的商业潜能。ORIENTED.COM 域名适用于不同行业,其出现顺应和切合今天的市场。


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