Competitive Advantage

Even amongst the world’s most valuable domain names, it is extremely rare to have THIS many branding assets to capture global mindshare and authority:

Global Ubiquity

The word “oriented” first appeared in the early 1900’s and is now used by millions of people in everyday conversation. As a global brand, it is reinforced around the world, every single day, on its own accord.

Multiple Definitions

The word “oriented” has multiple meanings.

When a phrase or tagline conveys a double meaning, brand recall is especially effective because neural connections are made and stored in different parts of the brain.

Stephen Houraghan explains the science behind this phenomenon.

  • The Orient, the East — 東方
  • Asia, countries of Asia — 亞洲
  • Positioned to a particular direction — 方向
  • Get one’s bearings — 定方位
  • Tendency towards a certain disposition — 為本
  • Acclimate to a new environment — 適應環境
  • Adapt to a new situation — 適應憲法
  • “Get oriented to the Orient!” — “向東方著眼!”

Multiple Parts of Speech

“Oriented” can be used as four different parts of speech:

As such, it can be strategically and creatively positioned in many ways to capture brand recall effectively – an extremely rare and very powerful marketing mechanism.

Multiple Literary Devices

Because of the above characteristics, the word “oriented” can be used as a polyptoton, an antananclasis, a pun, and other literary devices to solidify brand recall.

In fact, a message or slogan like “Get oriented to the Orient!” can be difficult to forget.

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Depth, Complexity & Texture

Because of the above traits, the ability to apply nuance, implication, and connotation in marketing copy not only helps to convey ideas and emotions with greater precision, it also exudes an air of sophistication, intrigue, and authority.

Said differently, some brands sound flat or just plain dumb (excuse the brutal honesty). Not oriented.

Test your IQ – can you see the triple meaning in “not oriented”?

Emotional Attributes

Emotionally-engaged consumers not only buy more but also tend to be more loyal. The emotional traits of “oriented”:

  • Positive connotation
  • Sense of forward motion
  • Evocative and compelling
  • Sense of hope, opportunity
  • Going in the right direction
  • Definitive and inspirational

Total # of synonyms: 197

“Companies spend millions … by incorporating music, sounds, images, vivid color and celebrities to trigger huge sensory responses towards their product, company or innovation. An emotional response towards a name is the human-to-brand connection that is sought after like the Holy Grail. If customers feel drawn to something, loyalty … is sure to follow.”

– Kyra Dawson

Harvard Business Review
The New Science of Customer Emotions

ZinZin Branding Agency
Evocative Names Make The Most Powerful Brand Names

Ten Years of Goodwill

For over a decade, ORIENTED’s core service has been its real-life, face-to-face networking events. More than 1,000 events have been held in 19 cities worldwide and consistently attract highly-educated, upwardly-mobile, bilingual professionals.

This formidable network, the established relationships, the fond memories, the solid reputation, and the overall goodwill are of intangible value, regardless of how it may pivot.

Global Authority

One-word domains inherently command authority. But to have ALL of these marketing assets is unheard of.

It is the X-Factor that enables ORIENTED.COM to dominate, over and above the competition.

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