Examples of Usage

ORIENTED.ORG served as an online community for global professionals in Taiwan. ORIENTED.COM began as a business network across Asia that expanded to 19 cities worldwide.

Creative Marketing With “Oriented”

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The tagline “Get oriented to the Orient!” almost always elicits humor and smiles, a clever play on words.

Financial Impact

Neither ORIENTED.ORG nor ORIENTED.COM had a PR or marketing budget to speak of.

Yet the former became the #1 English language destination site in Taiwan, and the latter became the largest network of its kind worldwide, consistently attracting highly-educated, upwardly-mobile professionals. Partnerships were had with media companies, MBA programs, trade associations, tech conferences, international career fairs, chambers of commerce, and community groups of all kinds. And press coverage ran on both sides of the Pacific – from the Taipei Times, ICRT, Lonely Planet Guide, Eva Air’s inflight magazine, to the Shanghai Daily, RealTime Beijing, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more.

How was that possible?

The rare attributes of the domain name – together with the instant credibility that one-word domains command – was key to significant growth and expansion.

Simply put, when people learn about ORIENTED, they intuitively get it, like it, remember it, and thus can easily refer it to others.

It’s an incredible phenomenon to witness from both a marketing and a business development standpoint.

The power of just one word.

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