Historical Use

The previous owners of oriented.com didn’t spend any money on marketing because people identified with the brand almost immediately, loved the clever play on words – “Get oriented to the Orient!” – and intuitively understood its value.

ORIENTED Happy Hours
Worldwide Presence

(2002-2014) More than 1,000 offline networking events were held in 19 cities across 4 continents. It was the largest network of its kind for international professionals interested in Asian business and partnerships. Face-to-face relationship building is an innate aspect of the Asian business culture.

News Article: AsianWeek
News Article: Shanghai Daily

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Music Video – ORIENTED in San Francisco
Music Video – ORIENTED in Sydney

AAMA ponsorship

ORIENTED Events Calendar
San Francisco Bay Area

(2008-2012) The ORIENTED Calendar was the “go to” place for many of the leading Asian organizations in the Bay Area to promote their events. See example.

ORIENTED Dialogue & Exchange
Shanghai, China

(2004–2006) These business seminars attracted speakers such as the chairman of FORTUNE China Magazine, the country manager of Walt Disney Internet Group, and the GM of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai.

ORIENTED Discussion Forums
Taipei, Taiwan

(1999–2002) oriented.org was the #1 English-language community website in Taipei. It enabled the foreign community to exchange information and help each other get acclimated to Taipei. See news articles.