Competitive Advantages

The name “Oriented Airlines” is a much more powerful marketing asset – by far – than any other airline brand in the entire Asia Pacific region because of its rare competitive advantages.

Take Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific, for example. Yes, we’re going there.

  • The words “Singapore” and “Cathay Pacific” are nouns, ONLY.
  • In fact, they are proper nouns, and that is all they will ever be.

Unlike “Oriented”, those words can never be used as an adjective, a verb, or a suffix, and thus have very limited marketing utility.

Thus, in order to maintain brand awareness, both airlines have no choice but to perpetually throw money at advertising slogans and marketing campaigns that have no direct or intuitive emotional connection to the brands themselves.

Compare that with a slogan like this one:

Oriented Airlines
Get Oriented to the Orient!”

In an INSTANT – without a single TV commercial, highway billboard sign, social media ad campaign, or community initiative – the message resonates.

People get it. They understand it. They immediately make the connection that Oriented Airlines flies to destinations in Asia. And they can remember it with little to no recall reinforcements whatsoever.

As a category-defining brand name, it implies that it is the market leader in Asia.

Most of all, the slogan generates a positive, emotional response because of the very catchy play on words and its multi-layered yet concise meaning.

The ability to elicit an emotional response is sought after like the Holy Grail. (more)

In fact, any marketing phrase with the word “oriented” will capture mindshare better than any that the competition can possibly conjure up.

  • “Family-oriented travel packages” (more)
  • In-flight magazine: “Oriented in Shanghai”
  • “If you’re not oriented, you’re not anywhere… “
  • “Oriented Around the World with Oriented Airlines”

Just the brand name itself – Oriented Airlines – suggests that the airline is going places, going in the right direction, going to the Orient.

No tagline needed, no slogan necessary.

It is a marketing asset like no other.

Real-Life Examples Proving This Point
Learn the science behind this phenomenon


One can argue that Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are so rooted in the minds of air travelers due to their longstanding market dominance that they can just sit back and continue to roll out their usual marketing campaigns, BAU. Okay… but once Oriented Airlines enters the arena, it is going to cost them more money – a LOT more – in order to maintain the same level of brand impact.


Because Oriented Airlines will be able to flood every single marketing medium with much less money, forcing the competition to spend more just to keep up.

Obviously Oriented Airlines will need to be a well-run company with services of excellence in order to fully capitalize on the inherent power of the brand.

The point is:

All things being equal, its competitive advantages are too powerful to overcome.