The Power Six Elements

Amongst the many characteristics of premium domain names, six of them really distinguish the big domain names from all the others.

The Holy Grail of Domain Names

As Alan Hack explains, these elements are incredibly valuable for the people that acquire them and extremely powerful when used strategically in marketing and business development.

Transcript (abbreviated, edited):

Element #1 – It is descriptive.

Take ‘’. It is a name that defines the category of retirement. It is descriptive of retirement. You can imagine that the website will have products and services about retirement.

Element #2 – It is intuitive.

You think about it intuitively. “I need to plan for retirement, let me check out ‘’ and see what information is available.”

Element #3 – It is memorable.

As soon as people hear it or see it, they can remember it. If they already have retirement on their minds, it is easy to remember ‘’.

Element #4 – It is marketable.

Highly marketable domains are very valuable because they can be strongly positioned in marketing campaigns – online, offline, and in the real world.

Element #5 – It is referable.

A domain name’s true value is how easy it is for someone to remember it enough to REFER it to their friends and family… because word-of-mouth is the most effective form of marketing.

Word-of-mouth results in 5x more sales than paid media impressions

Element #6 – It is credible.

Generic, descriptive domain names have an inherent if not unconscious element of credibility. One assumes that the people behind ‘’ must know a lot about retirement.

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