The Holy Grail of Generic Domain Names

Characteristics of premium domain names are explained here.

But the rarest of them all are those that are not only generic and descriptive but have multiple meanings and can be used in different parts of speech.


Taglines with double meanings are extremely memorable because of the ability to elicit an emotional response, as are dictionary words that can be used in different parts of speech because of the many, many ways they can be creatively integrated into marketing campaigns and initiatives.

With all of these rare traits combined, the ability to effectively establish brand recall – the end goal of all marketing efforts – is like no other.

“Companies spend millions … by incorporating music, sounds, images, vivid color and celebrities to trigger huge sensory responses towards their product, company or innovation. An emotional response towards a name is the human-to-brand connection that is sought after like the Holy Grail. If customers feel drawn to something, loyalty … is sure to follow.” – Kyra Dawson

Stephen Houraghan explains the science behind this phenomenon.

“When you have a double meaning within a tagline, your brain actually makes neural connections from one meaning to the other. Because of the way the brain makes those connections, it stores that tagline in a different part of the brain. By creating a dual connection within your tagline, you’re helping the way the brain stores that tagline, ultimately making it more memorable and more effective.”

Real-Life Example:

This website,, began as an offline professional network in Asia that quickly expanded worldwide with just 1 FTE and no marketing budget. How could that be possible? When people – be it members, volunteers, ad sponsors, corporate partners, the media, etc. – see or hear the word “oriented”, they can intuitively guess what it is about, remember it, and thus refer it to others.

Domain Valuation of

Particularly effective is the tagline, “Get oriented to the Orient!

It is a very clever play on words, generic enough to be used in broad strokes, and almost always elicits humor and smiles. That ability – the ability to elicit a positive, emotional response – together with the instant credibility that one-word domains command, was key to significant growth and opportunities.

Examples of Usage:

  • ORIENTED in Shanghai (view)
  • ORIENTED in Silicon Valley (view)
  • ORIENTED Happy Hours (view)
  • ORIENTED on the Radio with Real Time Beijing (view)
  • ORIENTED in the News (view)
  • ORIENTED Monster Martini (view)
  • ORIENTED at the Grand Hyatt Taipei (view)
  • ORIENTED Advertisers (view)
  • ORIENTED Sponsorship (view)
  • “If you’re not ORIENTED, you’re not anywhere!” (view)
  • ORIENTED in Sydney (view)
  • ORIENTED T-Shirts (view)
  • ORIENTED with Otterbox (view)
  • ORIENTED with the South China Morning Post (view)
  • ORIENTED Newsletters (view)
  • ORIENTED Events Calendar (view)
  • ORIENTED with the Chambers of Commerce in Beijing (view)
  • ORIENTED Dialogue & Exchange (view)
  • ORIENTED Standee (view)
  • ORIENTED with CKGSB in Asia Pacific (view)
  • ORIENTED with CKGSB in North America (view)

It’s the gift that keeps on giving – itself a double entendre.

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