“Get oriented to the Orient!”

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Definitions 多重意义

ORIENTED We can’t think of any other word in the English language with so many meanings, that commands a sense of power and forward motion, and that directly relates to what is happening in the world today. 东方 The Orient, the East 亚洲 Asia, countries of Asia 方向 Positioned to a particular direction 定方位 Get one’s bearings 为本 Tendency towards…


中文版 It is a “.com”. Most people assume that all business websites end in .com and will check it first because it is the most recognized domain extension in the world. It is credible. The .com extension is also the most credible of them all. If your business website isn’t a .com, people question your trustworthiness. It is one word.…

Characteristics 域名的优势

你有即时的可信度。 这个品牌能够立即给你可信度和国际的知名度。 它以“.com”为后缀。 .com后缀是世界上最受认可和信赖的域名后缀。大多数人认为所有的商务网站均以.com结尾并会首先对其进行确认。 它有多层意思。 所有英文单字中,包涵这么多种意思的还真不多。这种特质极为罕见。 它本身就具有行销的能力。 因为“oriented”有这么多种意思并且能被用于言语的不同部分, 所以独具强有力的行销功能。 例如”进入状况!” (Get oriented!) “你进入状况了吗?” (Are you oriented?) “适应北京了” (Oriented in Beijing), “适应伦敦了” (Oriented in London), “适应上海了” (Shanghai-oriented), 等等。 它有文字印刷优势。


中文版 Chinese Companies – Global Expansion U.S. companies have long understood the value and the power of brand marketing and how that translates into global recognition and worldwide sales. The big players all utilize short and memorable .COM domain names to capture global market share and to command trust and respect in the minds of consumers. Only in the past…

Opportunities 商业机会

中国公司 – 全球扩张 美国的公司长久以来就明白以商标行销的价值和威力,并且知道如何将全球所认知的一个商标而转变成全球的销售成果。成功的企业家无不利用短而易记的 .COM 网址来获取全球市场的占有率。并且赢得了消费者的信任和尊敬。 最近几年,中国的企业公司也领悟到选择一个正确的英文品牌和网址有助於使它们真正成为全球重量级企业。 以下是几个例子: 奇虎 — Qihoo 360 (China) 为了提升全球级的位置而为 360.com 这个网址付出1千7百万美元。 微信— 当微信采用 WeChat 这个英文品牌后, “在六个月内他的海外用户从五千万到一忆,足足增加了两倍之多,腾讯也成为成长最快的中国品牌。” 后来腾讯又付了八百万美元购买了 We.com 这个网址。 京东 – 京东付五百万美元购买了JD.com 网址,把网站从 360buy.com 改成 JD.com 因而每年在搜索引擎的广告上省了两千万美元。这五百万美元花的太值得了。 小米 – 小米,为向全球扩张迈进,花费360万美元购得Mi.com这个网址,因为比较好记。这个做法使得他们在持续不断地拓展国际市场之时,大大地提高了知名度。 多品牌策略有助于公司占有不同市场。 中國公司想要向全球扩张,至少面临两个品牌上的重大障碍: 对西方人而言,中文品牌很难发音,因此很难记住。 中國品牌因其根深蒂固的不良名声在国外不被信任。 中国企业会挑太长英文公司名称,因此西方人很难记住并不可信。 例如:美國人怎麼發音″华为”: 观光以及旅游业务 许多与旅游和与旅行相关的商业可以从这个行销资产中得到竞争优势。

Historical Use

The previous owners of oriented.com didn’t spend any money on marketing because people identified with the brand almost immediately, loved the clever play on words – “Get oriented to the Orient!” – and intuitively understood its value. ORIENTED Happy Hours Worldwide Presence (2002-2014) More than 1,000 offline networking events were held in 19 cities across 4 continents. It was the…

NOTE: The Problem with “Oriental” as a Global Brand

“Oriental” implies second class citizen (二等公民) New York Times article: The word “Oriental” refers to the years when the U.S. passed laws to keep Asian people from entering the country. “It’s associated with a time period when Asians had a subordinate status,” according to Professor Frank H. Wu. The term is also associated with old stereotypes of geisha girls and…